We’re continuously adding to our FAQ page. Let us know if you have additional questions and we can include it here.


  • Where can I stick my decals?
    You can can be very creative with where to stick the decals. Some ideas are: insulated tumblers, gift and giveaways, mobile phone, laptop, tablets, car windows, vehicles, office or home walls, glass windows, mirrors, ceramics, tupperwares, and so much more!
    However, we don’t recommend the decals be stuck on paper, cloth or textured surfaces or soft surfaces that wrinkle.
  • Where can I buy your decals?
    For now, our decals are available for purchase online
  • Can you make me a custom decal?
    Yes we can! Just send us an email with your design or a photo of something you have in mind and we can produce it for you. No minimum order necessary, but we give special discounts for bulk orders!
  • Do you also sell phone cases?
    Our main product is decals. But if you want a phone case to showcase your lovely new decal, we also sell transparent cases for iPhones 6, 6S, 6+, SE, 7, 7+
  • I want a decal giveaway for my brand. Do you customize?
    Yes. We can work with you to produce your branded decal sticker. You also have the option to package the sticker on our packaging insert (plastic & paper insert).
  • I want to personalize giveaways for my party/event, how do I do this?
    You can browse some of our gift and giveaway ideas and you can send us a message to order or inquire. We also have party booths available for on-the-spot name stickers. Click here for more information


  • How long is production?
    Please allot 3-5 days working days for production, and 1-4 working days for shipping depending on your location.

    Once payment is made, you will receive 1 digital mockup for approval within 3 days. From your date of approval, please allot 5-8 working days for production.

    Orders PAID between Nov 28- Dec 5 will ship via regular courier which takes 2-5 working days for Metro Manila and 3-7 working days for Provincial.

    Orders PAID between Dec 7 – Dec 14 will ship via Grab same day delivery only for Metro Manila. Provincial orders will still remain the same.

    Orders PAID between Dec 15 – Dec 31 will ship out via regular courier in Jan 2020.


  • Can you make glass or wall decals?
    Yes, we can work with you to ensure you have a unique and cost-efficient decal display for your restaurant, shop, office, or home.
  • Do you have chalkboard decals?
    Yes we do. Chalkboard decals are great to stick on office/home walls, or kitchen refrigerators). You can also customize the chalkboard decal in however design you want. We recommend using chalkboard markers or chalkboard crayons that don’t leave powdery residues. Ask us to add a pack of chalkboard crayons to your order.
  • Are your decals re-useable? Removable? Will they damage my wall?
    No, they’re not re-useable. But they are removable when you no longer want it or need it. Since not all walls or wall paint are the same, special care must be taken to prevent paint from being pulled off the wall during removal.
  • How do I know my wall is suitable for decals? 
    • Ensure wall paint has dried at least 2 weeks prior to decal installation.
    • For best and long-lasting results, wall surface must be smooth and clean.
    • The less porous the surface, the better.
    • Bumpy and rough textured walls will create air pockets behind your decal which might not allow it to stick properly.


  • How to apply a decal with transfer sheet backing?
    Watch the video below:
  • Are the decals safe to stick? Easy to peel? We recommend to stick the decals on a smooth surface. The decals hardly leave any sticky residue compared to other stickers. They are especially safe for iPhones and Macbooks. But if you do encounter sticky residue, you can use the sticky part of the removed decal to lift the remaining bits, and wipe clean with cloth.

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