What we do

We specialize in creative and witty and personalized vinyl decals for GADGETS, CORPORATE, and DISPLAYS.

  • Gadget Decals  Our ready-made gadget decals are available for purchase via Facebook, Instagram,  and occasionally, weekend bazaars. View our gallery for some ready-made designs.
  • Custom Decals  Custom and personalized decals for your brand. Perfect for weddings, events, or corporate giveaways. No minimum order necessary!
  • Decal Displays Make your logo more visible with a window, wall, or mirror decal display. We also make creative decal murals. If you stick with us, we will offer you a complete package, from design and brainstorming up until installation of your custom decal display.
  • Personalized kids party giveaways: Click here to learn more about Sticker Tots
  • Reselling or Co-branding For shops interested in reselling ready-made decals or co-branded decals, contact us.
  • Artist collaborations See your artwork on a decal!

Our services include:
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 Send us a message! Or email us at decalbar@gmail.com

Who we are 

We are a small start-up with BIG ideas!

Three aspiring “CEOs” with four decades of experience combined (that’s right!) in the fields of Web Development, Project Management, PR Communication, Business Development, Creative Design, and Marketing and Sales.

We provide cost-efficient and creative ways to communicate your company’s visual identity, from personalized gadgets to decorative wall or window displays.

Send us a message! Or email us at decalbar@gmail.com